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Is it safe?

Well I am about the leave the house for the first time in about week. Well thats not entirely true I went to the doctors for about 30 mins on Wednesday. I have had the flu and a serious fever. This thing has left me quite literally bedridden since Monday. The worst part is that I was not finished with my game for DunDraCon this weekend. Luckily Ryan my co-author let me rest and we finished up the last of the writing online over google docs and vent. I love these new collaborative apps. So everything is finished now accept for the printing. Now we just need to get it all out into a hard copy. Which we are about to do, mere hours before the con starts.

I only was lookign to play in two games and run one all weekend and because of this flu I may only be running my game. Which if you are interested is Sunday at 3 PM in San Ramon in the Pacific room. Check out DunDraCon for more details we are under LARP's.

The other games I was interested in are Max's L5R LARP at 7 pm tonight Friday which I may or may not make it to... and then Saturday at 6 Brian and Waynes game. It is L5R as well but using fate and is under the RPG events section.

So thats what I may or may not be doing this weekend. I hope to see people soon again. Maybe I will have to start blogging here more often instead of just Twitter.
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Big Man on Campus

Well today I go out to CSU Monterey Bay to take a campus tour. Should be interesting to finally see the campus and tour the old Fort Ord base and see what they have done with the old gal. If you need me feel free to txt me. Any requests I may fulfill in my short time down there with my father please let me know. I willlet you know how it went when I return.

Fulkerguy... Wood axe swinging, thats all I am saying, thats all I am singing.  
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Free E-cycle

So my Dad is about to e-cycle a bunch of old computer and electronic gear we have just sitting around taking up space. If anyone is interested in computer speakers (powered or not), Routers (wireless and wired), cd drives, and bunches of other stuff.

If there is something you are looking for post here or give me a call and I will see if we have it, or feel free to make an apointment to go riffeling through it all and take what you want.

Fulkerguy... Post here, e-mail me or swing by my parents place.
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College Bound!!!

 Well I'll be damned. I just heard back from my number 1 first choice school today. I am of to...


I will be transfering in the Fall of 2009 to CSUMB to take part in their Social and Behavioral Sciences BA program with a minor in Psychology. 

Fulkerguy... I feel soo fuckign Triumphant right now. 
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Election Results

Well tonight adnate , aetherknight , and myself will be doing our civic duty and working the election returns from about 7-11. It is always a good time and really for only a few hours of easy work some alright money from the state. Plus you get to stand around yaking about the election and propositions and things as you hear it coming in from NPR and KCBS. 

Anyways afterwards we usualy hang out for a bit and watch the returns and celebrate or lament what happened. This year I have a good feeling about what is going to happen. I have bought some very nice champagne and plan to bust it open when we have a good idea of who made it into 1600. If you would like to join us feel free to give me a call or text and I will let you know when we are back and for you to swing on by.

Fulkerguy... Hope to see you latter tonight.
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Politics tonight

So is anyone interested in getting together some time this evening and having a few pints and discussing politics on the eve of the election? We can discuss Candidates, propositions and measures and whatever else we can think of. So whether your a veteran and want to share your opinion and knowledge, a dedator who just likes to duel verbally or a newb who has no idea what the fuck is going on and needs some explanation of the issues... come on down.

I am thinking Good Times Tavern or the First Street Alehouse to do this... but I am not sure what times work for people. Also this could just as easily be done at someones house if they have the space and for a whole lot cheaper if every body brings a bottle or a (Joe) 6 pack.

Anyways lets come up with some ideas here people.

Fulkerguy... This post brought to you by the committee to get drunk and talk about politics.

***EDIT*** Meet up is @10:30 at Luths place if you need the address call.